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Natalie Mhandu, Fashion Retailer & Stylist

Updated: Mar 14

Natalie Mhandu, a Fashion Disruptor, Retailer and Entrepreneur

Natalie Mhandu in Paris

In the enchanting realm of women I deeply admire (get it?) , one figure holds a special place in my heart—a woman whose friendship I cherish. Allow me to introduce Natalie Mhandu, a name resonating not just for her feature in Jah Prayzha's video but for her admirable journey of self-reinvention and redefinition that I have first-hand witnessed has been something to be admired . Natalie stands as a dynamic force in the fashion landscape, where she not only carved her name but disrupted norms, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world. Join me as I unveil the narrative of innovation, resilience, and transformative prowess that defines her unique journey.

My first encounter with Natalie unfolded when I reached out to her to host the Stenom Foundation Launch Gala Ball. Little did I know that beneath the surface of media attention and spotlight, Natalie was undergoing a profound transformation, navigating the complex terrain of self-discovery and developing her personal brand.

In a nine 2 five corporate sexy outfit
Natalie Mhandu

Re-defining your narrative

In the midst of societal narratives, Natalie's resilience shines bright. Amid the pressures of social media, she took a moment to step back, peeling away the layers society imposed, and embarked on a journey to authentically rediscover herself. Overnight stardom, a common tale in Zimbabwean media, catapulted her from a mere girl to an "influencer." Yet, today's story is about the woman, not the narrative.

Natalie, a dynamic force in the fashion industry, embarked on a mission to redefine the fashion landscape through her social media prowess. Inspired by the elegance of women, symbolised by a towering Marilyn Monroe picture in her shop, she founded Enchantress Aesthetics. This venture goes beyond selling clothes; it's about empowering women, making them feel powerful and beautiful through garments that define elegance.

Witnessing her evolution, particularly the rebranding, was a testament to the timeless essence reflecting her true identity. Natalie's foray into the corporate market, designing outfits for professional women, showcased her keen ability to identify and fill gaps in the underserved Zimbabwean market. This transition, amidst the challenges of COVID-19, highlighted her resilience and disruptive mindset.

Nine 2 Five: Professional Elegance

Natalie's record of accomplishments

Natalie's impact has transcended boundaries, earning her accolades such as the Female Personality of the Year at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards. Her unwavering commitment extends to the Gumiguru 50 under 40 achievers award, and Zimbabwe Business Awards symbolising positive influence beyond the fashion.

Beyond business, Natalie's disruptive spirit reaches into community engagement. Representing Zimbabwe at a women's conference recently in Egypt, she aligns with values that define her dynamic approach. Natalie, a daring go-getter, utilises social media not just for personal style but as a potent tool to dismantle traditional hierarchies in the fashion industry.

In crafting her success, Natalie has seamlessly combined personal stylist expertise with business acumen, challenging traditional retail paradigms. Her story is not just a tale of success; it's a narrative of a resilient woman who, through innovation and transformation, has left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape.

Celebrating Women's Month with remarkable women I admire.

A node to celebrating Women's Month, I applaud her resilience and determination to making a mark on this world.


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