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Ruth Kudzai speaking to a group of ladies from Manchester University


Inspire and Empower Through Speaking Engagements

My speaking engagements aim to equip your audience with actionable tools and the confidence to become leaders, collaborators, and change-makers. Over the last decade, I've had the privilege of delivering numerous speaking engagements, and what you can expect is a humble, sincere, and empowering approach.

I can't wait to bring my expertise and passion to your event. Let's inspire and empower your audience together!

You can book me as your Host/Master of ceremony or as a keynote speaker.

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Speaking Topics


My corporate experience reflects my dedication and resilience. My journey  is a testament to my commitment to professional growth, and I'm eager to share the strategies that helped me achieve it. As someone who has overcome adversity and underrepresentation, I can fill a critical gap and serve as a relatable role model to inspire individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their dreams.


Being a minority woman in many rooms, I quickly understood the importance of standing out and developing to set myself for success. My experience uniquely positions me to deliver impactful personal development talks, particularly in areas like personal branding, confidence building, and skills development. I believe in amplifying the voices of women to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and embrace their full potential.


My credibility stems from my rich experiences of establishing and managing multiple businesses and working in Business Development. These ventures provided me with invaluable lessons in entrepreneurship, from conceiving innovative ideas to navigating the challenges of scaling a company. Additionally, my time spent as a business consultant allowed me to gain a holistic perspective to guide entrepreneurs towards sustainable success.


Sharing insights from my unique perspective as the only black individual in numerous powerful corporate rooms, I dive into the significance of championing diversity, not only in terms of race but also amplifying a diverse range of voices within organisations. Drawing on my experiences, I discuss the qualities and practices that make leadership truly inclusive, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

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My approach is highly flexible, so please share your specific requirements, and together, we can customize the content to ensure your audience walks away with valuable insights and practical takeaways.

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