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10 black corporate fashion bloggers to follow

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Struggling to get inspired with workwear ideas?

I have curated a list of some of my favourite black workwear bloggers with impeccable style. Whether it’s looking for a sleek tailored suit or an appropriate chic office party attire – these bloggers offer sustainable and affordable style that will definitely spark delectable inspiration, tastefully suiting your melanin tones.


Photo courtesy of @farotelle

Farotelle, a woman of class approaching style like executive updates – less is more! She has a talent for feminine pieces, with lots of skirts and dresses in gorgeous colours and fabrics. She has an eye for timeless accessories to pair with your work outfits. Head over to her Instagram to see some of the outfits she has put together.

Zeinab Ozigi

Photo courtesy of @zeinab_ozigi

Zeinab, a successful business owner, speaker, city executive and mother – a very ambitious woman. She understands in this world, you need a wardrobe that supports your ambition and that is why she has helped women from all over the world find their best selves and guiding them to show up as a valuable woman every day.

She runs Dress to Lead, a premium personal styling service for female leaders offering several packages that help you find and implement a system of dressing to lead that works for your lifestyle, body and supports your dreams.

On her Instagram, you can find a combination of power dressing workwear outfits that say, “I’m here!” and statement looks. In the meantime, you can head over to her website to grab yourself a free outfit planner

Corporate Coco

Photo courtesy of @corporate.coco

This corporate classy chic showcases her personal workwear style in an informal and fun settings. She draws on classic pieces and adds a modern twist to show up to work fabulous! She has started showcasing some video content on her Instagram to help you put your workwear outfits together post lockdown.

Head over to her Instagram for some inspiration.

Corporate Curly

Photo courtesy of @corporate_curly

The lady behind Corporate Curly is Nkechi, a HR professional pushing the bounds on corporate fashion and hairstyles. Corporate Curly focuses on sharing unconventional workwear fashion for the office while displaying natural hairstyles that are indeed for the professional work setting on her Instagram.

Her purpose is to share what she’s learned throughout her career path with other women who are striving to progress and find themselves within their own professional journey. She transcribes her lessons on her blog – check it out here

That Corporate Chic

Photo courtesy of @thatcorporatechic

A blog that does what it says on the tin - showcasing that corporate chic! Anu, a good vibes tech consultant is the creative behind That Corporate Chic. Anu features a lot of sharp looks. She has a knack of wearing colourful office appropriate outfits making them look feminine and has a great eye for details. Her outfits are always beautifully accessorised with some gorgeous shoes.

Anu’s goal is to help women look effortless with attainable style that sparks joy while sharing posts that inspire you to look confident and live your best life. I love the stories she posts, especially her pick me up/feel good playlists and oh, how could I forget, tips on how to manage the work/life balance.

Over on her blog, she has categorised her style ideas; workwear, casual and party, right down to seasonal wear. So, basically, she’s got you covered ladies – head over to her website for inspiration.

The Work Flare

Photo courtesy of @theworkflare

The author and creator of The Work Flare is Odette, a full time working girl and lover of all things fashion. Much like many of the women in this post, she started blogging because she found that there weren’t enough bloggers providing styling advice for corporate outfits.

The more she wrote about styling and how to put outfit ideas together, the more it got her thinking about other things typical working girls might be interested in and so her blog was born. She not only provides office chic styling, she also touches on lifestyle, travel and food.

She also has a YouTube channel, so do make sure you subscribe for your weekly styling fix.


Photo courtesy of @vtmoyo

She goes by the name Tendai or Vari but she refuses to choose which name she prefers so I’ll address her as Tendai. Tendai describes herself as a disruptor in stagnant places and she is certainly disrupting the workwear arena with her power dressing. Not only does she show women how to show up suited and booted, she also shares lifestyle and encouragement posts on her Instagram.

Her dream is to make brands for underserved consumers that look just like her and so she is looking to the community to invest in her to support her vision. She has put in a lot of work in starting two projects. Dare I say, both projects will definitely make the working woman look amazing from head to toe – literally! One project, TenSuits is an affordable brand that creates tailored pieces for limitless women and the other is Ruka Hair, a hair company that promotes versatility and produces hair extensions that match the natural curl pattern of black women.

Sounds interesting? Head over to to invest in Tendai's vision.

What Maya Wears

Photo courtesy of @what_maya_wears

Maya, a northerner now living in London, has definitely brought some class and style to the City. Knowing how to dress for your body type can be a challenge, but Maya has mastered how to dress for her tall and hourglass figure and she constantly shared information about brands that cater for tall women. She describes her style as mixed and an extension of her emotions. Her workwear is inspired by Amal Clooney – classy right! So, you can already expect to be dazzled by her ideas.

Whether you need ideas for the office, to go to the theatre or for drinks, there’s lots of outfits you can draw inspiration from on her Instagram. You will find a combination of flattering, corporate chic looks with a mix of colour and patterns. She has a great eye for detail, so if you want to know how to accessorise your outfits and make them look stylish, then look no further!

Maya also writes her blog where she details everything and anything – from fashion, beauty, books, food, careers, lifestyle, travel and even the odd political discussion so be sure to check her website out.

Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri

Photo courtesy of @chierikaopukiri

Chierika feels that fashion should be as diverse as the world is and allow you to express freely, even when working in a professional environment. She is incredibly big on power shoulders and unique details in garments because that‘s make people take notice. It is this same ambition and desire that lead her to start her own corporate clothing brand, Love Your Look (LYL), described by ELLE as sophisticated elegance. They focus on creating garments that are well made, feminine with bold silhouettes.

Check out LYL website here.

Ruth Kudzai

I couldn’t leave myself out of the lists in case you got here through other channels.

I started my blog to share workwear inspiration, tips and tricks that have helped shape the woman I am. My hope is that my blog posts will spark up and fuel your own self-reflection and personal development as you progress not only in your professional life but also, your life aspirations. I detail my workwear outfit ideas over on my Instagram.


Feel free to drop below other black corporate fashion bloggers to follow.

R x




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