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Yellow bag but making it corporate

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

This post was in #collaboration with Bag Boudoir in which they kindly gifted the bag.

Working in the corporate world where everything is dull; I mean the dark suits, the pastel colours, having a colourful bag is a good way to show a bit of personality. It needn’t be something that has to match with your varied workwear wardrobe, it just has to be something that you like.

I saw this bag and immediately fell in love with it. What I loved about it, is its small, compact and versatile - it can be matched with a combination of many colours. I also remembered I own a pair of shoes that have the same print as the bag (bonus!).

Fun Fact: I always carry a small bag inside my work bag. Why you may ask. I just think you never know when fun will hit you; from after work 2-4-1 cocktail hour to last minute reduced theatre/concert tickets you just always need to be ready. I hate tredding around London or walking in small spaces with a bulky bag, I mean I'm already petite! Instead I carry a clutch bag instead, small enough to fit my wallet and phone. A great on-the-go bag.

Here are three ways to style a bright bag

1. Let the bag speak for itself.

Because a yellow bag is vibrant and colourful already, you can tone down your look with an all black look so the bag really shines. This can be a suit, a dress or jeans and a top but the key here is that it is a one-colour outfit, dark enough to make the bag shine.

Suit and Shoes - Primark

2. Wear the colours of the bag

If you just don’t know how you can pull of a colourful bag, match your outfit to the colours of the bag.

I really wanted to go for a bold look so I opted for a two-tone all mustard outfit paired with black heels. What's great is that you can mix and match the items. For example, with this bag I could wear a black top, mustard pants/skirt or vis versa.

Top - TK Maxx

Heels - New Look

3. Match the bag to a pair of shoes and colour block

I thought I would experiment with colour here, keeping life interesting right! I wore an all green outfit – very different to the bag colours but it worked and I actually really like this look. You can combine with other colours too or wear a one-colour dress.

Shoes - Zara

Trousers - Primark

Watch - Debenhams

I’ve showed you three way in which you can style a colourful bag. I realise all the outfits are in one colour but this is just to show you the extreme end. Now imagine if you toned it down, endless possibilities!

While you are here, Bag Boudoir have just relaunched their website and have added some stunning new items. Check them out here.

You can purchase a newer version of the 'Ella' bag shown in my pictures here.

R x

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