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Caz, Senior Business Consultant

Caroline, better known as Caz, is a dynamic multi-faceted businesswoman and food enthusiast. On Instagram, she shares her take on the ever-evolving Zimbabwean cuisine and she is passionate about helping women succeed in their careers.

Let’s get to know Caz

I work as a Senior Business Consultant at a multinational IT consultancy firm specialising in energy retail. I head up the Women’s network of my organisation to assist women to build fulfilling careers. I have found that there are many challenges pertaining to the success of women, especially in my industry and this is one way that I can help and promote the success of their career quest. I know first-hand how support is vital.

I am also the vice chair for Young Energy Professionals (YEP) forum which promotes the next generation of energy industry professionals providing opportunities to collaborate, develop and recognise success.

Outside of work, my passion lies in cooking. I want to help revolutionise the evolving Zimbabwean cuisine by experimenting with traditional recipes and recreating new ones. What started as a snapchat cooking show has now grown into an online platform and now, I offer catering services.

(You can check out her cooking website here.)

What motivates you to pursue your aspirations?

I think about my younger self a lot, particularly how I struggled to navigate the world of work and business and how I didn’t know many role models that "looked like me". I have had some mentors that have pointed me in the right direction, but a lot of my experience has been trial and error.

I have battled through insecurities and not fitting in and have learned to capitalise on my quirks and my ability to learn fast to become someone of value in both business and work.

I aspire to inspire and support young black women to advance in business and corporate careers and thrive.

Caz's take on corporate style

My business style is simple yet chic and sophisticated. As a consultant, the unwritten rule is to dress as formal as the most senior person on the client site so formal business attire.

I live out of a suitcase during the week, because I travel a lot with work so it’s so important that my outfit choices are stylish but low maintenance. I buy staple items so that I can wear them time and time again and matching the pieces in my wardrobe. You would usually find me in a blazer and heels daily and my staple look is dresses or a blouse and skirt.

Let's talk about standing your ground as a woman in the workplace?

Communication is absolutely key in any interaction or relationship with other people, whether its work, family or friends. At work standing your ground doesn't mean be rude or feisty - simply communicate effectively and understand how to escalate issues. 

I have learned to be more outspoken at work about any wants or concerns because no one can read your mind! It's important in your outspokenness you remain respectful and factual. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of good and effective communication skills both written and spoken in order to get your point across even in conflict.


You can find Caz on Instagram @cazrolinaa. If you have enjoyed this interview and advice shared, let me know in the comment section.

R x


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