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Say hello to Equal, a sustainable workwear fashion brand

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

When shopping for workwear clothes, do you look for quality items that can stand the test of time? If yes, then say hello to the newest brand in town, Equal, an ethical and eco-conscious workwear brand launched by two phenomenal women – during a pandemic!

You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into creating this series of clothing for the modern working women regardless of what level of your career you are in. Their collection as they describe "brings style, elegance and quality to the professional woman." It consists of 5 staple items each with its own timeless twist - check it out here. The fact it's limited means all the pieces are unique to Equal; great if you don’t want to wear the same clothes as Jill, Joe and Jane. You also don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on their quality items.

Story time* At the start of my career, cheap workwear was my best friend until I started getting in rooms with other senior women. From the moment they walked in I was amazed by their outfits, not only because they looked nice, but you could tell that this is a quality piece. You don’t need to touch quality; you just see it, and that’s when I learnt about the importance of investing in workwear.

An investment in good workwear is an investment in yourself because when you look and feel good you, you add some sass in your walk. I’m a big believer that dressing well affects all areas of your life, but in the workplace is gives you more confidence. And, for that reason it’s important to get clothes that allow you to channel your boss self.

I am wearing their asymmetric dress in burning rose (as I’m trying to move away from black!).

First of all, this dress is amazing! I'm always so weary about buying dresses because I'm petite and I often wonder if the length will be too long - but not in this instance.

The dress was true to size. Even in this lockdown season, with a few added kilo’s this dress was hugging in all the right places. The dress is a size 8 but I think it can fit a 6 or a small 10 comfortably. In essence, the dress definitely has a lot of wear in it.

I particularly loved the quality and the feel of this dress. It instantly activated the boss chic in me.

What I liked about their brand is that they live by their values. They aim to be transparent in all they do and for that reason all the photos on their website are free from photoshop – what you see is really what you get. This is so refreshing especially in this era where you don’t know what to believe because brands always try to entice you to buy their clothing because they show this perfect model, with the perfect body… I can go on.

The packaging is also made from 100% recyclable material - meaning no plastic. It's admirable to see brands thinking about how they can make their operations sustainable and save the environment.


I wanted to get to know the women behind such an incredible brand and so I had an interview with Sunita, here is what she had to say about their journey so far.

Sunita (right), Anjali (left)

Tell me more about yourselves.

Anjali is 25 years old and is a management consultant within private capital operations and technologies in London’s corporate world.

Sunita is 29 years old with a background in financial marketing, most recently leading the launch and procurement of UK banking license of one of the UK’s top online savings banks. Sunita absolutely love to travel and explore different countries and cities surprisingly though myself and Anjali have never been on vacation together!

We met when we worked in the same company almost 5 years ago and instantly clicked. We are both ambitious and work very hard and we want to look good doing it! We’re both massive foodies and absolutely love trying different places and food trucks although we do have one all-time favourite in Mayfair that you’ll find us at time and time again!

Anjali is obsessed with her pet dog Benji and I have 2 beautiful bunnies, Thumper and Hei Hei (yes, he was named after the chicken in Moana!).

Fun fact about Anjali: she can do a Rubix cube in 2 mins. Sunita can’t do a Rubix cube at all.

What’s your take on corporate style

We have always loved to dress up when we went to the office. We really pride ourselves on our appearance in the workplace, viewing our outfits as a professional suit of armour to make us feel more confident (it’s definitely a mindset thing)!

Our Series 1 Collection was actually inspired by the TV series ‘Suits’. We loved the whole aspect behind these strong powerful women who were both intellectually smart and driven working at the top law firm in New York. Jessica, Rachael, Donna, Catrina and Samantha all dressed immaculately, and we really wanted to create this whole vibe of luxury workwear for professional women which was affordable but made them feel a million dollars (or pounds). Let’s be honest the average working woman, especially in their 20’s and early 30’s are not going to be able to purchase one £600-£1500 dress for work, it just doesn’t make sense.

What’s your daily inspiration?

What inspires us in life is the strong women we have around us, the drive for success and taking risks that we both have. Clothing wise, anything that makes us feel powerful!

Any advice for the working women?

One piece of advice we’d give working women is never give up, even when life and work is tough. You are the person you are today because of your life experiences and every setback is a lesson learnt, you pick yourself up and keep going. From what we’ve seen, women lead by example, gracefully and empathetically and that’s what sets us apart in business and life.

Check out their newest collection which has launched today over at their website -

R x



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