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How to set yourself up for a future promotion

I know right, the title makes it seem like there is an easy formular. I promise you there isn't however there is an art to it. Simply being a good employee will not set you to be next in line for a promotion, you need to find creative ways that make you stand out. Think about this for a second, you are working in a company and everyone, and I mean everyone wants to get to the top so standing out is really important. I've listed below some of my top tips that can help you gain a competitive advantage.


I cannot stress the importance of networking – building and maintaining relationships with people from both inside and outside your organisations is key. Someone you meet knows something that you don’t, and in most cases, you may meet your potential employer jsut by putting yourself out there.

This is definitely an ongoing process in your professional life and one that can be easy to push aside when things get busy. So how do I get it done, you ask. Create a plan for yourself, heck, even put it in your calendar. Make concrete plans and stick to it. What I do is try and grab a coffee or cocktail after work with someone new at least 2 times a month. You may be thinking this is overkill, but I promise you it isn't. When I mean someone new it could just be that colleague you don't spend time with, it might mean getting yourself invited to other department team drinks (it always helps having a person you speak to in every department). Also regularly catch up with other contacts (via email is also fine, but nothing beats human interaction).


Just because you’re in the company, you shouldn’t be complacent no matter how repetitive the work gets. Put your head down and create quality work, it demonstrates a reliable work ethic that anyone would want on their team. There is a saying that goes people remember someone buy what they did, so quality work = quality memory!


Easier said that done, I know, but one of the best quotes I have heard that really explains this point is “make your bosses job easier.” Take initiative and think ahead about what they need tomorrow, next week, next month. You got the job because the organisation wants to solve something right and that why you are there so constantly challenge your mind to find creative ways of well, making everything easy. A forward-thinking outlook will definitely get you noticed.


This is a no-brainer and requires no description, but it is amazing how many times people let their emotions get the best of them. You never know when you will need that person, and you can’t get to them if there’s no bridge (relationship).

Also, keeping up with colleagues from past employment. Just because you left, it does not mean that you can't keep communication and it's also the best way to get the hottest gossip!


Happy you = happy and positive employee that everyone wants to hang out with. If it’s working out, taking a singing class, creating workwear video’s then keep doing it!


The best person or version of yourself you can be is YOU. I know you’ve heard me say this like a thousand times, but it is really important to stay true to who you are (within reason of course + a sprinkle of hard work, determination, enthusiastic and a whole list of attitudes). Nobody wants to employ someone based on the persona they portray because you can't keep it up forever. Sooner or later they will know the real you.

I'd be really keen to knwo what else are you doing to set yourself up for your next promotion? Do comment below to let me know !

R x


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