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Taffy Chinembiri, Entrepreneur

I'm an entrepreneur who never stops learning. I have an Event Management and Planning background which is where all my businesses stem from. I am an Event Planner and Stylist, Talk show Host for Savvy Chats, Event MC, Digital strategist, Online Jewellery Boutique co-owner (Blush Jewellery), Brand Ambassador for a couple of companies and co-owner of a successful Photo and Video Studio (Zim Inspired).

What’s the story behind your businesses?

It’s a very long story however, one day a large contract to organise an event for a large company landed on my desk. I looked at their budget and I looked at my payslip – it was not adding up and there it hit me. I knew that I needed to work hard to be my own boss and there came the establishment of my events company. I wanted to work so hard so that one day I would be the one getting that cheque – and organising large events with large budgets. I did just that with that motivation – I redesigned and started concentrating on the company. I started working on smaller projects to build my brand, reputation – and it was working. So much to the point, I left my job to 100% concentrate on event planning. I was now the one organising big events with big budgets and I have never looked back since.

If you need any help with event planning, then be sure to reach out to Eli Venue Dressing.

What’s your take on self-care and how do you practice it?

Learn to put you first. This however is very hard for me as a mother and any mothers out there are wired to think of others first before themselves. I have come to realise that in fact, if I am happy and healthy, I give out the best of me. With this in mind, I now put myself first so I can give out my best. I am a big believer that you cannot pour out of any empty vessel.

Self-care for me also includes good skin care routines, healthy eating habits, healthy hair care routines, good dental hygiene routine, 'me time’, healthy sleeping routine and exercise. All the routines need discipline but once you establish it (and do it over and repeatedly) it will become a habit. Guess what, self-care is a very good habit to have!

Let’s talk about styling for work, any tips/ hacks, and time-saving tricks to use so we dress to impress?

I always dress to impress - to impress me of course! It’s true what they say when you dress good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you deliver your best. A good pair of comfortable pair of high heels always works for me as they make me standout and feel confident, ready to deliver my best.

To save time I always go for 1 piece outfits (Dresses / tunics). This way I can spend more time on my hair and Make-up. Choosing an outfit night before is always best because no one wants to be using their brain first thing in the morning. I always pick out a few options in case you wake up and your mood is a bit different the following morning 🙂.

Pre-Covid, my schedule was hectic, and I was working lots of hours and had no time to go shopping. I engaged a stylist. A stylist will save you time and money and you are guaranteed a well put together outfit every day. I would highly recommend a stylist if your schedule is so tied up.

Any advice for the working women?

Never procrastinate what you can do today. Procrastination will slow you down and will hinder your progress and achievement. If you can delegate any tasks, then do so than to "leave it for another day or hour."

What’s your daily inspiration?

The thought of leaving a legacy for my children drives me to keep wanting to excel in every area of my life and of my businesses. Even the Bible in the book of Proverbs talks about leaving an inheritance for your children's children. This alone makes me want to work smarter.

You can connect with Taffy on Instagram @taffy_eventplanner. If you enjoyed this interview, do let me know in the comment section.

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