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Top three sites to look for jobs

If you are searching for a new job or just getting an idea of what’s out there, then read on. I have listed below my favourite (and in my opinion most useful) sites for finding a high-quality job posting.


I’m hoping you all know about LinkedIn. If you don’t then you need to create an account, I mean it is the best professional networking platform out there! Besides that, it has a job search function which is very useful for quality job posting. There are a lot of reasons why I prefer Linked, here why:

  • It’s not cheap for companies to post on LinkedIn versus other platforms which are typically free. For that reason, recruiters usually only post high-quality jobs that they want to fill relatively quick

  • The other great thing feature is that it shows you who posted the job which makes networking with the company so much easier. You can also reach out directly to the person to let them know that you’ve applied and why you should be considered.

  • It also shows you how the skills on your profile stack up against the job description which gives you an indication

  • If you have LinkedIn Premium, it tells you how you compare against other applicants.


This doesn’t need an explanation. Indeed is the #1 job site in the world. It is very easy to use and search for jobs with a few key words and location. They also have an advanced option to help you dig deeper.

Why Indeed:

  • They have a function that allows you to get daily emails with jobs that match your search criteria making the entire process more efficient and worth your time.

  • It is an all-encompassing site that actually searches thousands, if not millions, of job boards (big and small) to show a consolidated list of opportunities

  • Many companies advertise with indeed because it is the best platform


This isn’t a site, because when looking for a job you may have your own criterion to fulfil. While the above are great in showing you a wide range of opportunities, there is always more you can do to filter down opportunities. Smaller organisations with job board often advertise roles for organisations that are aligned with their mission or vision.

For example, take Black Professionals in Construction, an organisation dedicated to widening access to employment for underrepresented communities in the construction industry. They look to only advertise for organisations that are serious about attracting a diverse talent pool. So, if you value working for an inclusive company then you’re most likely to find them on their job-board.

Same goes for industry specific job boards because there is a rigorous selection criterion for organisations to advertise their roles. The downside with specific job board is that opportunities are limited but you are 100% guaranteed to find quality job ads.

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