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Tips for working from home

Updated: May 6, 2020

While most of you have managed to create work/home boundaries amid lockdown there may be others who find themselves still trying to figure it out or are struggling with productivity.

It goes without saying but working from home takes a lot of self-discipline, commitment and focus which you define yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you improve how you work from home.

1. Have a dedicated working space

Do not work from everywhere in the house, like me, you will find yourself easily distracted. It’s important to segregate work and home space. By having a dedicated working space, it helps set up your mindset to concentrate on work, so you are more productive. You can check out how to create a productive workspace in my previous blog post here.

2. Create a morning routine

When you’re working in an office, your morning commute helps you feel ready for work but when you are at home the transition can be a struggle. Create a routine that resembles your office one and concentrate on you. Avoid the urge of waking up and going straight to read your work emails. Wake up, get out of your PJs, have a bath/shower, make breakfast, browse through social media, check and respond to your personal emails. The key is to wake up early.

3. To do list

If you haven’t already made your to-do list the day before, do it straight away in the morning. Having a to-do list will keep your grounded as it will help you prioritise and manage tasks. It creates order and it’s a great feeling to cross things off your list – it gives you control and a positive productive feeling. Do an easy quick-win task right away.

4. Take breaks

Plan to take a break during your working hours at least 30 minutes a day. I usually go for an hour and do something that doesn’t require much thinking. The key is to get away from the desk, give your brain a rest so you come back feeling refreshed.

5. Reward yourself

Much like the tactic you use when you want kids to behave. The rewards can be as easy as complete something, get a cup of tea/coffee in return (or whatever floats your boat).

Here's a quick checklist to help you create the ideal work from home environment.

Stay safe indoors!



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